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Welcome to our site.  From this site you can order the 2nd edition of our book Automobile Design Techniques and Design Modeling.  We have also provided excerpts from each chapter of the book, as well as offering you a list of industrial suppliers of raw materials and clay modeling tools. We also have a drawing for a walk-in-clay oven - the design was created and used by Hoadley Associates for the many projects that required large quantities of modeling clay to be heated to an optimal temperature. 

The Book

Automobile Design Techniques,

The Men,The Methods,The Materials

Fred Hoadleys' 37 year career at Ford Motor Company has allowed him to introduce innovations in the development of design systems and enjoy the benefits of improved materials and techniques. He has helped drive the metamorphosis of design departments, improvements in technology and the introduction of computerized design and scanning operations.

  This book is a culmination of the experience of a man who's on-site and hands-on knowledge, is meticulously detailed with instruction, and photographs that not only guide the reader through the process of transforming graphical imagery into clay styling models, but provides insights that enhance efficiency and precision through out the design process.   

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